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Inscript is a user friendly online registration platform that covers all the bases—but that’s not all. Our team provides a full range of support services for your event.

Basic services include customized registration forms; multilingual customer service for participants; name badges; clear, detailed, up to the minute reports (dynamic statistics, receivables tracking, activity specific lists, and more). Count on us to help you plan and manage your event.

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At our very first meeting, we’ll assess your needs in detail, set the parameters for managing your event, and identify any constraints so that we can start helping you plan the event right away.

We’ll go over the entire registration process: designing the form, managing registrations, giving you permanent access to detailed reports, following up with participants, welcoming them when they arrive, providing them with the necessary documents, and more.

Inscript is the product of our 20+ years of experience in event management. As a registration platform, it’s constantly evolving. It’s a solid, reliable structure with all the flexibility to adapt to the specifics of each event. 

Want to define participant categories, the number of steps to register, information, questions and possible answers, fees by registration period, confirmation messages, billing type, online payment options, automated emails, and more? The Inscript team will customize the form for you, give you access to completed forms, and provide you with detailed reports.

The forms are available online, 24/7, anywhere in the world, in every official language for your event via the link(s) posted to the website of your choice or included in an email sent to potential attendees. Your participants can register and pay in one go and the system will send them a confirmation and a receipt for the transaction.

You can designate members of your team to be administrators for the registration and event platform.

Those who want to view reports and participant files will need a short introduction to the program. There are certain rules that need to be followed when making changes to participant files. The project manager assigned to your event will provide the necessary training, in person or over the phone, to make sure that everyone handling registrations uses the program in the same way.

With Inscript’s dynamic forms, registration is a snap. Participants will only see the fields, questions, and purchase items for their specific participant category.

When a participant pays the registration fee online during the registration process, Inscript generates an invoice and processes it. At the end, the participant receives a confirmation email and receipt sent automatically by the program. The sender address is usually a generic event address or one that the recipient will easily recognize.

Authorized members of your team will have access to a full range of lists and reports in the format of their choice, providing details such as the number of participants registered for each activity, daily and weekly registration statistics, financial reports, and more. 

Reports are updated instantly with any new information and you can put a cap on the number of participants for activities with limited space, so you’ll have all the information you need to tweak your floor plans or encourage participants to sign up for activities with more space. Registration payments also appear in the system as soon as they’re made (no matter the form of payment), which will no doubt take a weight off your mind.

At the end of the event, you’ll receive final reports, a complete database, and all the data your accountant will need to run the event through accounting software with a minimum number of entries.

With the Inscript registration system, it’s fast and easy to print off name badges, event tickets, individual participant schedules with their chosen workshops, and more. By printing badges and tickets onto pre‑perforated card stock, our team saves precious time when separating and inserting these items into individual plastic holders.

There’s nothing like an interest form to focus your promotions. It’s fast, easy, and cost‑effective. Survey your contacts for valuable insights you can use to craft powerful messaging (and add them to your registration database while you’re at it!).

Use our direct mail services to announce an event, drive registration, share access codes with members, or provide speakers with instructions for the conference. It’s a handy communication tool and it meets regulations that just came into effect on July 1, 2017.

At the close of the event, participants receive a link to a short online survey so they can evaluate the event anonymously, providing you with valuable insights. With Inscript, it’s easy for our team to put the survey online and send it out to participants. 

As part of our services, we rent the latest generation of barcode readers. These handy devices let you control access to every event space and activity, assign credits for future workshops, create an online survey, and more, simply by scanning participant name badges.

Exhibitors can scan name badges against data‑rich participant lists to adapt their approach to the person in front of them, or simply to compile a list of the people who visited their booth.

For scientific events, we’ve developed a basic form that would‑be presenters can use to submit their resumé and bio. As with any Inscript form, instructions, questions, possible answers, and specific fields can be added to make sure scientific committees have the information they need to evaluate candidates.

Submission guidelines (e.g., number of lines or characters allowed, accepted fonts, personal information to include, the resumé approval process, etc.) can also be specified to make the form as effective as possible.